About Sylvie Nalezny, MA, CNE

First and foremost, I’m a hedonist. Who can blame me? I do believe that we’re here on Earth to enjoy ourselves and to feel pleasure. I would say that much of my life so far has been a quest to find a healthy balance in this pleasure seeking. I’m a Libra sign. Looking back, I can see that I’ve had alternating periods of extremes, drastic swings in the pendulum so to speak. At this point in my life, I’m feeling fairly balanced. A big part of what brings me pleasure these days is feeling connected with Nature by cooking and eating seasonal, organic foods. However, there’s always new things to learn about nutrition and my own body’s ever changing and evolving needs. That’s what this blog is all about. I work as a metabolic typist and nutritionist at Metabolic Nutrition in San Rafael, CA (www.bloodph.com). I also see some clients on my own, outside of the clinic. What I love about Metabolic Typing is the idea that what’s healthy for one person, may not be so great for another. Often I find that peoples’ beliefs in what they should be eating is as sacred to them as is their religion! They try to push their nutrition beliefs onto other people, feeling that what’s best for them, must be best for everyone. It’s just not so! My aim is to spread the knowledge about Metabolic Typing and to make some sense out of all of the nutrition information out there in the world.  My mission is to help others to find their own balance. Being on this mission truly brings me pleasure…


2 responses to “About Sylvie Nalezny, MA, CNE”

  1. Cheryl Engel says :

    I saw your blog on nextdoor. Was very interested. So I came here.
    I have MS and would love to talk with u.

  2. nutritionthatworks says :

    Thanks for reaching out Cheryl. I don’t really see people anymore for consultations now that I’m working at Kaiser full time but I’m happy to offer some suggestions if you’d like. I understand that Vitamin D is so important for M.S. Have you had your levels checked?

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