Swine Flu Update: Just Say No to the Vaccine

It’s been almost 4 months since my last post about the swine flu. Since then, I’ve actually met two people, both under the age of 13, who survived the virus. While it was a miserable experience for both children and their worried families, they are both happy, healthy, and have a stronger immune system to boot! Should we be worried? My answer is still a resounding No! I believe that all of the hype around this virus stems from the need to stimulate the economy. The powers that be are intent in making us believe that we are in danger and need a vaccine. The more scared we are, the more we buy into our sick and deteriorating “health” care system.
The latest news is that we should be concerned about things getting worse this Fall due to a possible second, more intense wave of outbreaks. Public health officials are saying that a new vaccine will be the best defense against the new flu. However, they say in the same breath that most people who get this virus simply experience seasonal flu like symptoms, uncomfortable, but certainly not life threatening. Before we all go rushing out to get vaccinated, I’d like to share some valuable information. According to health expert and nutritionist Jon Barron (one of my favorite resources) the estimated number of deaths predicted from the swine flu is about 100,000 this coming year. Guess how many people died last year due to complications with their prescribed pharmaceutical drugs? 106,000. And I’m sure that number is grossly under-reported to protect hospitals and insurance companies.
Let’s take it back to 1976 when we had our first epidemic/pandemic of this swine flu. Oh how quickly we forget…Check out this video showing the disasterous results of our first attempts with the swine flu vaccine. Loads of people suffered from neurological disorders and their claims are still being denied to this day. Interestingly, Secretary of Health Sebelius has signed away our right to sue for damages should the new vaccine have similar effects. How convenient! 
Now, about that vaccine….guess which company holds the patent? It’s  DynCorp, one of the top private military contractors working for the U.S. According to another of my favorite health experts Mike Adams, AKA the The Health Ranger, Dyncorp has also been implicated in underage sex trafficking in Bosnia and other shady dealings. Dyncorp also happens to patrol the U.S. Mexico border, in precisely the area where the swine flu was first detected. 
The best thing that you can do going into this flu season is to keep your immune system strong by getting plenty of sleep, sunshine while you still can and vitamin D supplements in the winter months (Vitamin D is a huge player in immune health–your levels should be at around 50 optimally), and probiotics (most of your immune system is actually in your gut). Keep the sweets at bay because refined sugar actually suppresses your immune system for up to 5 hours after you eat it. It’s no wonder so many people get sick right after Halloween! Stay tuned for upcoming yummy recipes for sweet but healthy treats!
Yours in Health,
Sylvie Nalezny, MA, CNE

About nutritionthatworks

Sylvie Nalezny has a Master's degree in Holistic Health Education and is a certified Nutrition Educator. She has worked as a Nutritionist specializing in weight loss and overcoming sugar addiction and as a Wellness Coach, helping people to create healthy habits.

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