Vitamin D Update

There’s been some controversy lately about Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Mercola came out on his website a few weeks ago saying that he no longer recommends Cod Liver oil for Vitamin D supplementation due to the potential toxicity of Vitamin A that comes with the Vitamin D. What’s going on here? How could a natural, whole food source be a potential problem? And does this apply to all cod liver oils? 

Nordic Naturals, one of the best companies out there selling fish oil products came back with a press release assuring us that there is no problem with taking their Vitamin D enriched Cod Liver oil because it has lower levels of naturally occurring Vitamin A than other brands out there. According to Karin Yien, MD,
Nordic Naturals Chief Medical Advisor, “The issue that is cited by this group
is based on the fact that almost all cod liver oil in the market is being
supplemented with synthetic or natural Vitamin A, standardized to certain
levels, which is why it is assumed that all cod liver oil has high levels of
Vitamin A. This is not true for the Nordic Naturals brand. We have always had
low, healthy levels of natural Vitamin A in our cod liver oil; consequently, we
do not add Vitamin A to any of our cod liver oil products.”

My bottom line…stick to powdered Vitamin D-3 supplements that come from sheep’s wool. No risk of toxicity there. If you want to stick with the cod liver oil then by all means, go with Nordic Naturals. But get your Vitamin D tested! And when you find out it’s low, which it probably is, take the supplement. 


One thing is for sure though…Vitamin D deficiency is finally getting the attention it deserves. So much so that a group of concerned scientists have started a group to try and find out how widespread the Vitamin D Deficiency really is. We can all participate in the study and it’s a great way to get your Vitamin D checked for a minimum cost if you don’t have health insurance or if your doctor’s head is so far up their *** that they won’t order the test for you. Visit for more information. 

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Sylvie Nalezny has a Master's degree in Holistic Health Education and is a certified Nutrition Educator. She has worked as a Nutritionist specializing in weight loss and overcoming sugar addiction and as a Wellness Coach, helping people to create healthy habits.

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